Forest Art Trail

  • WaldkunstpfadLuftschloss (2012)
  • Waldkunstpfad
  • WaldkunstpfadArthropozän-Lutetiana neli (genannt ‚die Spinne‘) von Florian Huber und Sebastian Weissgerber (2020) ©Y-PR
  • The Verein für Internationale Waldkunst e.V. has been organising the "International Forest Art Trail" in Darmstadt every two years since 2002, each with a different theme. It extends in the Darmstadt forest district for 3.3 km from the Böllenfalltor to the Ludwigshöhe, past the Goethefelsen, Goethe pond and Ludwigshöhturm.


    The path through the forest can be viewed as a forest adventure path in order to promote the character of scouting and exploration by the visitor. With the means of art, the forest is brought to the attention of the visitors in a new way.

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